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100% free roof inspections, always.

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Professional-grade tarping to properly secure your roof.

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Our expert roof installation usually only takes 1 day to complete.

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About Us

After working many years alongside different roofing and remodeling companies, we saw the issues that plagued the industry and set out to drastically improve the client’s service experience. We believe that it starts with truly valuing the customer, finding their specific needs and wants, and working to exceed any expectations that they have. In an industry a bit tarnished by dishonesty, and mistrust, we have made it our purpose to change that one customer at a time. Integrity is everything to us. We continually strive to Build with Care, Build with Integrity, and Build to Last.

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What Our Clients Say

Insurance Claim Process

Roof Inspection

Exterior and attic inspection completed by one of our highly-trained contractors for damage assessment.

Filing A Claim

If damage is found, contact your insurance provider to begin the claims process.

Adjuster Meeting

Your insurance provider will send out an adjuster to assess the damage and create a job scope. Your Striker contractor will be on site to make sure nothing is missed during this assessment.

Job Scope Assessment

Our team will assess the job scope from your adjuster and handle the formal requests from the insurance carrier if any items are missed for the full completion of your project.

Roof Installation

Your roof is repaired/replaced. The vast majority are completed within 1 day.

Final Walkthrough

After all work is completed, we will conduct a final inspection of your property. We will inspect the perimeter of your property to perform a thorough clean-up of anything left over from construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some things to look for:

  • Insurance coverage (make sure to call the number listed on their Certificate of Insurance (COI). Some roofers will apply for insurance, get their COI, and then immediately cancel their policy)
  • License
  • Certifications (The Good Contractor’s List is a great resource – less than 1% of roofing companies qualify to be on the list)
  • Reviews – overall star rating and number of reviews
  • See if they’re a part of the BBB and check their rating
  • Check how much experience they have (BBB will say when their company was founded – we usually tell homeowners to look for 5+ years)
  • A roof inspection should include a full report right after. Don’t take a contractor’s word for it – ask to see proof/evidence of damage and a report. A reputable contractor will not need to be told this – they’ll provide you with photos and a detailed report emailed to you right after the inspection. 
    You should expect to pay your deductible and, depending on your coverage, possibly your recoverable depreciation as well.

    Payment to your contractor depends on you and your contractor’s agreement. You can endorse the insurance checks over to your contractor or deposit the check(s) into your account and pay your contractor from your own bank account. You may also have an electronic transfer option.


    At Striker Roofing & Construction, you will be sent 2 electronic invoices (one for the RCV minus the deductible and one for the deductible) approximately 1 day before your roof replacement is scheduled. These invoices combined will be for your total contract amount (minus any possible supplement payments). Your first payment (which includes deductible) as noted on your contract is due the day the roof is completed. You can make an electronic payment from the invoice that has been sent to you or you can give a check to your contractor at the end of the day your roof is completed.


    Final payment is due once all work on your contract for your roof replacement is completed. You can make an electronic payment or mail in a check. You will receive communication regarding final payment from a representative in our billing department.

    You will typically receive the first check in the mail for a portion of the total claim amount. This first check is typically calculated by taking the total claim amount, minus the deductible, minus a depreciation amount based on the age of the damaged products. Once all the work is completed, Striker Roofing & Construction will send in the final invoice to the insurance carrier; you will be notified of this submission. If the policy is an RCV policy, the second payment will be received once work is complete in the form of recoverable depreciation.

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